Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Representative Matters

Litigation Matters

  • ELG successfully represented an e-commerce client in a lawsuit against a former employee regarding theft of intellectual property and counterclaims of workplace discrimination.

  • ELG obtained an Emergency Workplace Violence Protective Order on behalf of the employees of a not-for-profit community organization based on harassment by a former member.

  • ELG obtained a favorable settlement on behalf of a corporate executive after the contentious litigation of his breach of contract and fraud claims against his former employer.

  • ELG negotiated a favorable settlement of patent infringement claims relating to DNA analysis methods after USPTO reexamination proceedings and federal court litigation.

  • ELG successfully represented a client during an Illinois Securities Department investigation of alleged securities fraud, which resulted in the Department’s decision to end its investigation.

  • ELG obtained a favorable settlement of breach of software license claims against its corporate client following a lengthy mediation in Atlanta.

  • ELG obtained a favorable settlement for its e-commerce client in a lengthy and contentions Federal lawsuit involving the client’s trademark and copyright infringement and cybersquatting claims against a competitor.

  • ELG obtained a favorable settlement of its freight broker client’s claims for fraud and breach of accounts receivable financing contracts in Federal Court litigation in Los Angeles.

  • ELG won the dismissal in Illinois State Court of an insurer’s claims against ELG’s client under the Illinois Contribution Among Joint Tortfeasors Act, based upon the insurer’s failure to assert its contribution claim in an underlying Oklahoma case and election to assert a separate claim in Illinois.

  • ELG subsequently won the insurer’s appeal of the dismissal of its contribution claims. Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s London v. Reproductive Genetics Institute, Inc., 2018 IL App (1st) 170923.