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Representative Matters

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • ELG represented the majority shareholders of an integrated steel processing and framing products business in a change-in-control transaction, including a tax-free contribution of assets in exchange for rollover equity and a sale of personal goodwill, valued at approximately $19.0 million.
  • A team of Enterprise Law Group ("ELG") attorneys, simultaneously closed the following three transactions for an ELG client: (i) investment of $2.3 million of subordinated debt into ELG's client; (ii) acquisition by ELG's client of a majority interest in a web-based seller of camping equipment and other outdoor gear, with aggregate consideration of approximately $8.0 million; and (iii) amendment of the client's existing revolver with its senior lender, providing up to $14.0 million of credit availability.

  • ELG represented a leading ecommerce company in an organizational restructuring and a $10.0 million venture capital co-investment by private equity funds.

  • ELG represented a large Japanese manufacturing company in an internal reorganization of certain business units, including a plant closure and merger of an IL corporation into an IL limited liability company.

  • ELG represented the acquirer of a controlling interest in a Texas-based toll processor of steel coils.

  • ELG represented the owner of a bank drive-up cleaning services company in the sale of the assets of the business to a vendor.

  • ELG represented a healthcare concern in the sale of a medical products subsidiary in San Antonio, Texas for approximately $3.0 million to a Korean company.

  • ELG handled the sale of the assets of an audiovisual technology software distribution business.

  • ELG represented the acquirer of a medical distribution company in Mexico for approximately $4.0 million.

  • ELG provided representation in the acquisition of 100% of the shares of a privately-held software company, offering operating solutions to colleges and universities.

  • ELG was listed in the league tables of the Merger Market (NY), for its representation of Omron Management Center of America, Inc., in connection with its agreement to acquire the Safety Products Group of Scientific Technologies Incorporated (NASDAQ: "STIZ") for over $100 million.

  • ELG represented the shareholders of one of the largest independent U.S. distributors of refined fuels to commercial and industrial users in the sale of their business for approximately $27.0 million.

Banking & Finance

  • ELG represented a health, fitness, and dining club in connection with a modification of an existing $60 million syndicated term loan facility, increasing the commitment amount to $65 million and extending the term, among other changes. The term loan is secured by a first priority mortgage and assignment of leases and rents on commercial real estate.

  • ELG represented a metal services and framing products company in the simultaneous closing of an $11.25 million recapitalization and senior secured credit facility.

  • ELG represented a middle market web retailer in the closing of a $31.5 million senior secured revolving credit and term loan facility.

  • ELG represented a local bank participating as a co-lender in a $60.0 million senior secured syndicated credit facility to a leading global developer and manufacturer of highly-engineered, precision surface finishing equipment.

  • ELG represented a regional bank in closing loans totaling $4.0 million to a group of Midwest nephrologists to fund their acquisition of a minority interest in certain dialysis centers and their working capital needs.

  • ELG represented a large state-chartered credit union in review and analysis of ISDA-form swap agreements.

  • ELG represented an owner of commercial real estate located in Northbrook, Illinois in connection with two term loans totaling $3.6 million, secured by a first priority mortgage and assignment of leases and rents on the property.

  • ELG represented a multi-family housing developer in connection with a $25.4 million commercial mortgage refinance of an apartment complex located in northeastern Texas.

  • ELG represented a factoring company with respect to a workout of the company’s $7.0 million revolving credit facility with a local bank.

  • ELG represented a large regional bank in connection with Sharia-compliant financing for various companies located in Chicago engaged in meat processing and food distribution.

  • ELG represented a bank & trust company in connection with a $6.4 million term loan to an Illinois limited liability company, secured by a first priority mortgage and assignment of leases and rents on commercial real estate located in downtown Chicago.

Litigation Matters

  • ELG successfully represented an e-commerce client in a lawsuit against a former employee regarding theft of intellectual property and counterclaims of workplace discrimination.

  • ELG obtained an Emergency Workplace Violence Protective Order on behalf of the employees of a not-for-profit community organization based on harassment by a former member.

  • ELG obtained a favorable settlement on behalf of a corporate executive after the contentious litigation of his breach of contract and fraud claims against his former employer.

  • ELG negotiated a favorable settlement of patent infringement claims relating to DNA analysis methods after USPTO reexamination proceedings and federal court litigation.

  • ELG successfully represented a client during an Illinois Securities Department investigation of alleged securities fraud, which resulted in the Department’s decision to end its investigation.

  • ELG obtained a favorable settlement of breach of software license claims against its corporate client following a lengthy mediation in Atlanta.

  • ELG obtained a favorable settlement for its e-commerce client in a lengthy and contentions Federal lawsuit involving the client’s trademark and copyright infringement and cybersquatting claims against a competitor.

  • ELG obtained a favorable settlement of its freight broker client’s claims for fraud and breach of accounts receivable financing contracts in Federal Court litigation in Los Angeles.

  • ELG won the dismissal in Illinois State Court of an insurer’s claims against ELG’s client under the Illinois Contribution Among Joint Tortfeasors Act, based upon the insurer’s failure to assert its contribution claim in an underlying Oklahoma case and election to assert a separate claim in Illinois.

  • ELG subsequently won the insurer’s appeal of the dismissal of its contribution claims. Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s London v. Reproductive Genetics Institute, Inc., 2018 IL App (1st) 170923.

Family Law Matters

  • Representation of a client in a lengthy trial involving the valuation of extensive real estate and investment holdings, including works of art, and the effect of the parties’ various agreements regarding property allocation.

  • Negotiation of a prenuptial agreement involving American and Ukrainian citizens who are residents of the UAE, and who own property and business assets in each of those nations.

  • Representation of clients in divorce proceedings involving mental health and addiction issues and their effect on child custody and dissipation of marital assets.

  • Representation of a client in divorce proceedings which involved the discovery and valuation of real estate and other assets In Taiwan.

  • Working with clients to create disabled adult guardianships and special needs trusts.

Appellate Matters

In addition to the Illinois Appellate Court decision cited above, ELG has successfully represented clients in other recent appeals.

  • ELG won a reversal in the Seventh Circuit of the District Court’s dismissal of its client’s trademark infringement Complaint. Hyson USA, Inc. v. Hyson 2U, Ltd., 821 F.3d 935, 941 (7th Cir. 2016).

  • ELG won a reversal in the Illinois Appellate Court of the trial court’s judgments which had ruled against ELG’s commercial landlord client on its forcible entry and detainer claims and for the tenant on the tenant’s damages claims. The Illinois Appellate Court held that the trial court had erred in all aspects of its judgments, vacated the judgments and found for ELG’s client without remanding the case for a new trial. Giannopoulos v. Pitaya, Inc., 2016 IL App (4th) 150284-U.